and current projects


Inter-religious learning / inter-religious dialogue

  • "Religion - Public Space - Education": XIIth Nuremberg Forum, 04 to 06 October 2016, international, interdisciplinary and inter-relgious conference. Click here for more information: Nuremberg Forum

Media, popular culture and religious education

  • TV preferences and religious attitudes of young people; quantitative empirical grant-funded study (in co-operation with Prof. Dr. Stephan Kröner, Educational Psychology and Empirical Research)
  • Chi Rho - The Secret, qualitative empirical reception study on a popular children's bible TV series
  • Classroom under sails. Accompanying empirical research project of the development of a TV docu soap on the school project "classroom under sails" (in which students spend six months on a sailing ship into the Carribean and back). The project was filmed and broadcast on the German children's channel "KinderKanal (KiKa)". The research aimed at finding out what effects the presence of a camera team on board the ship had on the students. (in co-operation with Prof. Johanna Haberer, Christian Journalism and Media Ethics).

Theology of education / religious schools

  • Empirical study (quantitative) on the relationships between religious orientation and professional performance of school teachers (in co-operation with Prof. Dr. Annette Scheunpflug, General Educational Science, and Prof. Dr. Stephan Kröner, Educational Psychology and Empirical Research; in preparation)
  • Hermeneutical study on historical and systematic aspects of a "Christian philosophy of education" (in progress)

Content and language integrated learning (CLiL) in Religious Education

no current project; recent projects:

  • Accompanying joint research project on CLiL in secondary schools (Realschulen) in Baden-Württemberg (pilot school project), together with colleagues from the University of Education at Ludwigsburg and at Karlsruhe (2007-2013)
  • Qualitative empirical study on CLiL in religious education classes at a high school in Stuttgart (2004/5). Publication online: